Writing and Editing

We charge by the hour so the cost for our writing and editing services is based on the degree to which you would like us to revise your project for grammar, clarity and coherence, and style. Every project is different. Some ways to think about our writing and editing services include:


This level of work is for nearly finished documents and materials. We will proofread your materials to ensure error-free copy and, if needed, make minor changes to improve the clarity of the writing.


This level of work is typically needed for drafts, materials that were translated into American English, and documents and website content requiring more wordsmithing than proofreading. When completed, your text will be coherent, clear, and accurate.

Research and writing

We have a deep background in designing and completing research projects. We can conduct research in the areas of market analysis and public policy (education, business, environmental, urban planning, housing, employment) to meet your specifications and needs. If your organization needs documents, such as policy manuals, annual reports, grant applications or grant reports, or web content, we can do this work, too.

For article and book projects, see our storytelling page.

Website analysis

Have you ever thought about what the readers of your website think about it? Have you wondered if your content is clear and informative or difficult to read and understand? We offer such services. We will examine your website, test links, and check for coherence throughout your site, then provide you with a report. This service is especially helpful for older sites or recently upgraded sites.

Project management

We can help you complete major research and writing projects. We will listen to what you want, develop a plan, discuss that plan with you, come up with a schedule and budget, and lead the project to completion. Most importantly, we will develop a process that reflects your organization’s structures, culture, and goals.


As writers ourselves, we know that sometimes finding the right mental space to write can be difficult. Our coaching service plans include steps to move you past the obstacles that prevent you from finishing your project.

If your project does not fit neatly into one of the above categories, please send us a note with a description of your project for a quote. All jobs have a $60 minimum; larger jobs require a down payment to start; rush jobs can incur a surcharge of 20-50%.