Professional Editors and Proofreaders Save Money

The costs of writing errors are great. You put many hours and resources into your website, your grant application, your technical manual, but it takes only a few misused commas, wrong verb tenses, typos, or misspellings to sabotage that work.

We use the word sabotage intentionally. Your organization’s credibility, image, and message depend on the quality of your written materials.

When your audience pauses because of a typo or incorrect verb tense, doubts arise. Grants do not get renewed, second orders do not materialize, projects do not get approved, visitors do not return to your website. When error-filled materials come back from the printer, they are unusable, they lead to missed deadlines, and they squander resources.

Professional Editors and Proofreaders Ensure Accuracy

When you write, you are often too close to your words to be a careful proofreader. Sometimes, you are too busy to do a thorough read of your materials or you are not sure how to make what you wrote accurate.

Spell check and grammar software (MS Word, Grammarly, Pages for Mac, Corel’s WordPerfect, etc.) regularly fail to catch errors. Think “pubic” instead of “public”; “love” instead of “live”; “bad” instead of “bid.” Software also fails to evaluate the complex nature of communication.

For these reasons, you should use professional editors to look over your materials, paper and digital. Professional editors have training, experience, and skills. We are also efficient in doing this kind of work.

Professional Editors and Proofreaders Ensure Clarity

Writing is for communication. When the writing is unclear, you are not communicating effectively. Given the amount of resources an organization puts into its written materials, paper and digital, and given the importance of an organization’s written materials to convey core ideas and values, the value of professional editing services can not be underestimated. Professional editors will improve the quality and effectiveness of your materials. At Advanced Writing Services, our staff will ensure that the following areas of your materials are in excellent shape:

  • Organization and structure
  • Content
  • Clarity and logical flow of information
  • Professional tone and style
  • Consistency (including your organization’s style sheet)

Professional Editors and Proofreaders at Advanced Writing Services

Advanced Writing Services staff have decades of experience. We will add value to your written materials and we will do this work right and on time.

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