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We have decades of editing, research, and writing experience in the fields of education, museums and historical research, government and nonprofits, and environmental consulting. We offer prompt, personal attention and ensure work is done right and on time.

Education research and policy analysis

We offer many services for those in education. We have extensive experience in working with education organizations not just in editing final reports and policy documents, but in conducting research and providing expertise for studies and projects in K-12 and higher education. For academics and publishing houses, we can edit and proofread master’s and doctoral thesis as well as article and book manuscripts.

Museums and Historical Consulting services

For museums and historical consulting firms, we can provide editing, research, and writing services for your museum and historical work. We can advise on research design and implementation.

Website and graphic design companies

For website and graphic design companies, we can write and edit content, including SEO work, for your clients so you can focus on your expertise of design. We can also test websites for bad links and ensure instructions are clear and work.

Government and nonprofit services

For government agencies and nonprofits, we can edit final reports, brochures, grant applications, and web page content. We have backgrounds in public policy and the nonprofit sector, including grant writing and grant reporting, and can draw on those backgrounds to assist you with your needs.

Environmental consulting services

For environmental consulting firms, we can provide editing, research, and writing services for environmental impact studies and assessments. We can ensure your project materials meets the guidelines for state and federal regulations, from the California Environmental Quality (CEQA) and Clean Water (CWA) Acts to the Environmental Protection Act (EPA).

Digital currency industry

For your business in the digital currency industry, we can edit your website text as well as write content. One of the challenges for digital currency companies is to provide clear online instructions and websites that are easy to use. Therefore, we offer website testing services along with editing and writing assistance. You can also visit our subsidiary, Advanced Bit Services.


For businesses, we can help in a number of areas, small and large. We can edit your website pages as well as your company materials—from annual reports and brochures to employee and safety manuals. If your project needs more than editing for style and clarity, we can do technical writing and research.


We can provide a number of editing, research, and writing services for the healthcare industry. We know the public policies related to the field of health care and can help companies and government agencies with written materials and website content related to compliance and database installations such as Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and hospital management software systems.

For a free quote, send us a note with a description of your project, what you want done, and your time schedule. We also have staff to do editing and translation in Spanish.

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